The Weisshorn – 4506m

The Weisshorn – 4506m – AD , 155 , 11-12hrs

One of the most difficult 4000m peaks, the Weisshorn is a long and serious climb by any route. The mountain is defined by 3 great ridges, which form the principle lines of ascent.

The Climb – A very long, serious route with delicate rock pitches and steep snow climbing.

Experience – Previous alpine AD climbing experience essential, good scrambling ability required. Fitness and acclimatisation are important

Guiding – if you are interested in climbing the Weisshorn with a guide, check out our 1:1 Guiding Peaks week.

The most frequently climbed of these is the East Ridge, which involves a long approach and trick route finding to reach the crest.

At first the ridge is rock, made up of several pinnacles which must be turned and traversed, before finally giving way to a steepening snow rib which leads to the summit.

The descent is equally involved and it’s normal to spend a second night at the Weisshorn hut on the way down.