Why Choose Us?

Why Ski with Alpine Guides?

Here are a few good reasons to ski with us on your next adventure… we hope you can join us!

Solid Foundations

Company directors Al and Rich have over 30 years of guiding experience between them and have been climbing partners and friends since the early 90’s. They founded Alpine Guides together in 2004 and over the years have developed particular areas of expertise: in the wintertime Al is a dedicated skier with a huge breadth of touring experience, whilst Rich now specialises in Alpine, ice and rock guiding. This breadth of knowledge provides a sound base for all of our ski and climbing programs.

Specialist Advice

When you enquire about a trip, or if you need help with a technical matter you’ll speak directly to a UIAGM guide.  You will get specialist ski specific advice from someone who has actually skied the terrain, used the equipment, or knows the logistics first hand.


All of our itineraries are planned with flexibility in mind, which means choosing meeting points, accommodation and transport to give us as much flexibility as possible. Our guides have a very broad knowledge of different ski touring regions, so if the weather and snow conditions work against us, its often possible to move to other areas (within the constraints of your starting-finishing hotel) in order to keep a tour running. As anyone who’s done any amount of ski touring knows, it can be very frustrating skiing in resorts during poor weather, rather than doing what you came to do! Sometimes this means jumping in a car or train for a couple of hours, but as a result we always manage to go ski touring and give you the best holiday we can.

Personal Service

We are a small outfit with just a handful of guides, which means we get to know our clients well and build up many lasting friendships over the years. This helps us a lot when planning and tailoring itineraries – often we involve clients in planning our programs, so you get an input into the tours that we run.

Well Balanced Groups

We all know that skiing in a group of a similar standard is far more enjoyable than when people have widely differing abilities. That’s why we make a big effort to advise people carefully and ask the right questions, in order to make sure that everyone has the right skills and fitness for each tour.

A Trip To Remember

We’re very, very keen on taking photos! ALL the images you see on the website were taken by guides and clients on our regular skiing weeks or ‘area research’ trips. If you bring along a USB stick, we’ll give you plenty of great photos of your trip, or share them with you later online.