Ski kit list

Ski Touring and Backcountry Skiing Equipment List

The following will cover everything you need on our chamonix ski touring course and our ski touring holidays – some items on or ski touring kit list are only needed on particular (eg multiday) tours – as indicated in the notes. Just remember, every extra kilo on your back knocks 10% off your enjoyment on the descents – so try and keep the weight down!

Technical Clothing
  • Waterproof jacket – preferably lightweight and breathable
  • Softshell jacket – mid weight wind/snow resistant jacket
  • Softshell trousers/mountain Pants – ideally designed for ski touring. Insulated ski pants ok for BC trips
  • Waterproof overtrousers – preferably with 3/4 or full length side zips
  • Spare lightweight insulated jacket – lightweight synthetic/down jacket or other warm layer
  • Wicking thermal top – ie a ‘base layer’ not cotton please…
  • Thermal leggings – base layer ‘long johns’, light or mid weight (ie not exped weight!)
  • Socks – specialist ski socks, or a warm loop lined pair of mountain socks
  • Thin inner gloves
  • Warm ski gloves – or mittens, if you suffer from cold hands
  • Warm hat
Personal Items
  • Water container – at least 1 litre, or a vacuum flask
  • Personal medications and blister kit – any regular medications, zinc oxide tape, compeed, painkillers etc
  • Ski goggles
  • Sun glasses – CE rated 3 or 4, with side protection
  • Sun and lip cream – factor 30+
  • Wallet, passport and insurance docs
Hut Overnight Items (for multiday tours)
  • Small wash kit
  • Spare lightweight t-shirt/socks/pants
  • Silk sheet liner
  • Ear plugs
  • Alpine Club/BMC card – for hut discount
Technical Equipment
  • Rucsac – 25/35L for day tours
  • Rucsac -35/40L for multiday tours. NB rucks MUST have straps on to carry your skis and an ice axe
  • Ski mountaineering boots – for multiday tours (Freeride boots are ok for day tours + off piste)
  • Skis with touring bindings – freeride bindings ok for Backcountry Weeks, but heavy for longer tours
  • Velcro ski strap – to hold skis together on your rucksack if we need to carry them
  • Ski Poles – with good size 5cm+ baskets (telescopic poles are not needed)
  • Climbing skins – they come with the skis if you hire your kit
  • Harscheisen (ski crampons) – they come with the skis if you hire your kit
  • Metal snow shovel – must be a full metal shovel (plastic blades don’t work in real avalanche debris!)
  • Avalanche probe
  • Avalanche transceiver – must be a modern digital model (older analogue models are now obsolete)
  • Climbing harness – with 120cm sling and locking karabiner
  • Crampons – lightweight alloy crampons preferable on most tours, steel crampons for ski mountaineering
  • Ice axe – lightweight model preferable (NB must have a steel head – see advice article)

Your guide will have all other ski safety kit, first aid and survival equipment.

Please see our Ski Touring Equipment Advice and Choosing a Ski Setup articles for more info.