Ski Rescue Insurance

Ski Rescue Insurance

An accident in the mountains may require expensive helicopter rescue or emergency medical treatment. For this reason, you must purchase specialist travel insurance for all trips taking place outside of the UK.

You need medical, emergency search/rescue, repatriation and cancellation cover for your chosen activities (ie many ‘standard’ ski policies do not cover the off-piste skiing and glacier skiing activities that we do). We strongly recommend that you purchase cover as soon as your trip is confirmed to run, so that you are covered should you need to cancel due to personal circumstances. 

Do I need cover for Ski Touring or Ski Mountaineering?

Insurers may differentiate between Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering on their policies, requiring a higher level of cover for ski mountaineering trips. As a general rule, if we list an ice axe and crampons as requirements on the trip equipment list, then treat it as a ski mountaineering rather than a ski touring trip.

Please check your insurers’ activity definitions and cover limits carefully, to ensure you are covered for the location, activities involved and altitude range of your trip (refer to the ‘insurance’ section of your trip factsheet for information on activities and the altitude for each trip).

Insurance for UK residents

British Mountaineering Council. The gold standard in insurance for UK residents. Very competitive single trip or annual cover for all ski touring and mountaineering activities. Includes cancellation cover if you catch Covid-19 in the run up to your trip, and medical and repatriation cover if you catch Covid-19 whilst on your trip. Use this link to book your BMC insurance.

Uk Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). This is the post Brexit replacement for the EHIC (NB if you still have an EHIC, it is still valid until the expiry date) gives you reciprocal health care in EU and various other countries. You can apply for an Uk GHIC card online here or from most Post Offices. You need an GHIC in addition to your travel insurance. More info here.

For European residents (non-UK)

Austrian Alpine Club. Available to all European residents. AAC insurance is inexpensive and works ok for minor accidents and rescues, but is not as comprehensive as many other insurance providers. The medical cover included would not be enough for complex treatment or a prolonged stay in hospital. It also doesn’t include cancellation cover. If you choose to use AAC we recommend you take out extra medical cover with another provider, to ‘top up’ the AAC medical limit, as well as a separate cancellation policy.


Travelex offer a range of policies for residents of the USA, and for the rest of the world, Global Rescue offer cover to all nationalities via a combination of Global Rescue membership (which covers rescue/evacuation only) and their separate add on insurance policy which is required for medical cover and cancellation etc.

If there is any doubt about the scope of your chosen policy we recommend that you contact your insurer to ensure cover extends to the required activities and has the necessary components (search/rescue, medical, repatriation and cancellation). It’s worth mentioning that rescue and medical expenses in Switzerland can be significantly more expensive than in other countries, so a good level of cover is required for Swiss tours.

We recommend that you send us your insurance details before the trip commences, and they must be brought to the course briefing at the start of your trip. However, we cannot check the detail of every individual policy, and it is your own responsibility to ensure you are adequately insured.