Multiday ski touring FAQs

Multiday Ski Touring FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about multi day ski touring and Haute Route logistics etc.  Please also read our using alpine huts article and the FAQs section at the bottom of each trip page for more general ski related FAQs.

Can I recharge my phone in the Huts?

Most larger huts in the European Alps now have re-charging points for phones and small electricals such as cameras, but it’s not guaranteed.  Take a power pack on longer trips if you need to be able to recharge your phone. In Scandinavia, many huts don’t have electricity.

Do huts have Wifi?

Wifi is very uncommon in Alpine huts, so don’t expect it and treat it as a luxury if you find a hut with open wifi. Ski touring is a great way to de digitize your life for a few days!

Can I get phone/cell reception at the huts?

Phone reception is very variable in Alpine huts, but you can often get a signal outside or nearby – text is most reliable.  If your loved ones might worry if you don’t ‘check in’ each night, then advise them in advance that ‘no news is good news’!

Do I need to bring slippers/trainers to wear in the huts?
  • All French, Swiss and Italian Huts provide hut slippers, so you don’t need to bring any on hut tours to these nations.
  • Austrian and Scandinavian huts do not provide hut slippers, so either walk around in your socks/ski inner boots, or bring some Crocs or lightweight slippers for these countries (a pair of hotel slippers are perfect, or buy some down camping slippers for a bit of luxury!)

What should I bring to wear in the evenings?

It depends how civilised you want to be! All ski tourers try to keep their pack weights as low as possible, so you definitely won’t be alone if you sit down to dinner wearing some of the same clothing that you’ve been skiing in during the day.  Most people however, change into at least a spare T shirt and some also bring a spare pair of trekking trousers or leggings to wear in the huts.  Whatever you choose to bring, make sure it’s as light as possible!

Do I need to bring a towel and washkit?

Huts do not provide towels and personal washing supplies.  It’s worth carrying just a small wash kit, as most huts only have wash basins with cold water. Top tip – take a small packet of wet wipes with you on a multiday ski tour! Some of the Swiss and Austrian huts also have hot showers and fresh towel rental – where available, shower facilities are mentioned in the tour itinerary.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag/sleeping bag liner?

All huts are equipped with duvets and blankets, so you don’t need to bring a sleeping bag. However,  you do need to bring your own personal sleeping bag liner with you – a lightweight silk one is best.

Where can I store my excess luggage whilst I’m On Tour?

Your start/finish hotel will look after your excess luggage during the week whilst you are out on tour.

Can I finish the Haute Route in Zermatt (and have my luggage transferred across from Chamonix)?

If you would like to finish the Haute Route in Zermatt and have your luggage transferred across from Chamonix, we can usually arrange this for you – ie book a hotel in Zermatt and arrange baggage transfer.  We will advise you of any extra cost and add this to your final balance payment.

If you are on a scheduled Haute Route trip, then the return transfer driver can collect your luggage from our hotel in Argentiere bring it to the group pick up point at Tasch station.  The cost will be the same as your return transfer – ie ~60 Euros, payable to the driver on collection.  You will need to take the train down from Zermatt to Tasch with the rest of the group at the end of the trip (short journey, 15 minutes) in order to collect your luggage.

For private trips where the whole group need luggage transferring, we may either arrange transfer by road to Tasch, or arrange delivery of your bags to Zermatt station ready for collection.