IFMGA Ski Guides

IFMGA Ski Guides

IFMGA Mountain Guides are the most qualified and experienced professionals to lead people in the mountains on ski, with a training and assessment that takes many years and exceptional skills to achieve.

Meet our Ski Guiding Team here, meet our Alpine Guiding Team here.

The British Association of Mountain Guides (BMG) is a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA), which is the body that coordinates the standards and mutual recognition of the twenty-six national mountain guide associations. A British Mountain Guide is an IFMGA Guide, which put simply, means an internationally qualified guide with the knowledge and skills to lead parties in the world’s most challenging mountain environments.

BMG members work as Mountain Guides in the UK, Europe and further afield in the world’s famous skiing areas and high mountain ranges. Every BMG Guide has a solid base of experience, knowledge and skill. Collectively they share a common passion for climbing, mountaineering and skiing, and a professionalism for leading groups in challenging and hazardous terrain. Beyond this, they are a diverse group of individuals, with a wide range of achievements and other interests.

From first steps to the biggest objectives, a British Mountain Guide is an expert in techniques and safety, and a reliable companion for your ski adventures.