Ski Trip Discounts

Ski Trip Discounts

For early bookings before 31st October, we offer a £100 discount for the first 3 places on most of our scheduled trips*

*The £100 discount applies to the first 3 places of all scheduled trips, apart from Family Touring (which has variable prices depending on group size) and on some of the more adventurous New Trips (where tweaks to the itinerary changes in budget are more common – we hope you understand!)

Booking early has some great benefits:
  • Discounted price!
  • We can confirm our trips earlier, once the critical mass has been reached (usually 3 bookings), which opens up more options on our program throughout the season.
  • A confirmed trip means you can organise your travel arrangements early, making use of cheaper tickets.
  • Once it’s in your diary, everything else happens around it (including work!)
  • You have plenty of time to train and prepare, so you can get the most from your trip.

Click the ‘Book Now’ button on the course page to proceed, and select the discounted price at checkout.

NB This offer expires on the 31st October.