Ski Touring in Armenia

A quick report from last weeks’ Armenia ski touring trip. First of all, a massive thanks to everyone for being such a great team – Rich and I had brilliant time guiding the trip and I hope you all did too.

Arriving in Yerevan, we spent our first day exploring the capital – visiting the national museum to find out more about this incredible, historical land and enjoying the city sights, with cafe stops along the way.

Heading up to our first resort hotel in the mountains, it was clear we were in for a chilly week, with cold weather for the region. Luckily, the low temperatures mean’t good snow conditions – so we enjoyed plenty of good powder skiing over the next four days, both in the forests and extinct volcanos in the region.

We then moved North to Lake Sevan for two nights, to explore some new areas and found plenty more good snow in the forests, well away from the wind.

Finally, back to Yerevan for a brilliant night out celebrating Armenian Valentines Day (it’s one day earlier than everywhere else!) and a final days sightseeing, with amazing views of Mount Ararat, visiting Roman Garni Temple and Unesco World Heritage Site, Geghard Monastery. All in all, another brilliant trip – thanks everyone!