Dave Hollinger

Dave Hollinger is a full-time IFMGA guide based near Aviemore, in Scotland. Originally from near Belfast, you’re as likely to find him in the Alps, Scotland, or Snowdonia as his native Fairhead.

Dave’s enthusiasm for the mountains extends to all seasons and a huge diversity of work and play. 15 years of climbing, skiing and mountaineering have taken him all over the world from the Himalayas to the big walls of North America, the European Alps and of course, the rich diversity of climbing in the UK.

He has a similar background to Al in both expedition climbing and orienteering (ie a former Irish orienteering champion) – but also has a very strong instruction and training background and currently works as a senior instructor at Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s national mountain centre, for much of the year.  When not working at the Lodge, Dave enjoys guiding in more out of the way areas of Alps and further afield.