Ally Swinton

Ally was born in Fife in Scotland and learnt the essential skills for skiing and climbing from his father; then at the age of 20, moved to Chamonix where he has lived ever since.  Living in the Alps allowed him to develop a broad range of skills to access the mountains, ultimately leading to a career in guiding.

A keen rock climber, he also enjoys a big North Face Sufferfest once in a while – having climbed in Norway, Yosemite and Patagonia, as well as numerous hard modern classics in the European Alps.

On the ski front, Ally most enjoys discovering new places through ski touring and trying to link up big sections of mountains on skis.  What he enjoys most about guiding is all the different people you meet – whether it be other guides and most importantly the clients he works with. In his own words: “It’s amazing all the different stories you here and facts you learn from meeting so many different people. I think being in the mountains generally brings out the best in people which is why I feel lucky to get to spend so much time in them.”