Al Powell

Al plans our courses and guiding itineraries, deals with the company website and maintains our social media accounts, so is responsible for most of the photo and video content that we produce. He has lived in the mountains his whole life, both parents having been keen Alpinists. In his personal climbing he has concentrated mainly on winter alpinism and expeditions, having climbed several cutting edge new routes around the world during the course of 20 expeditions to the Greater Ranges.

He has also kept up a running career, with highlights including winning the Elite course on both the LAMM and OMM Mountain Marathons and being the first Briton to run the Tour du Mont Blanc in under 24hrs (102ml & 9000m ascent – that hurt!) More recently he has moved back to orienteering, having won the Veteran Home Internationals for Wales and numerous night orienteering races.

In the winter months he heads up the Alpine Guides ski mountaineering program and in the summer works in the Alps directing trips and courses for Alpine Guides.

The rest of the year, he lives in Yorkshire with his wife Sima and their family, where he works as a company director, whilst trying to spend as much time bouldering, running and riding bikes as possible.