Climbing Monte Viso – the Italian Job

Last week the weather in the Western Alps was by unanimous agreement, pretty grim – with a metre of snow falling during the week.  So what do you do when it gets that bad?  Well, it’s simple – run away!

Matt and David did just that, bailing to the southern Italian Alps in order to the climb the brilliant 1000m East Ridge of Monte Viso and Cresta Perotti on the Punta Venezia in great weather – an excellent call if ever there was one.  For those of you who don’t know Monte Viso, it’s the most prominent peak in the Southern Alps – towering above the Po Valley and visible from hundreds of miles away around the Alpine Arc.  Likewise, the views from the summit are quite stupendous – with the whole sweep of the Alps stretching out to the South, West and North – definitely well worth a visit if the weather turns bad further north.