Travelling from the USA/Canada

Advice for Climbers from USA/Canada

We climb with an increasing number of clients from the USA,┬áCanada and other countries each year, so here are some considerations for those making the long haul across the Atlantic…


Our regular recommendations of the BMC/Snowcard are only valid for UK based clients. The following policies are useful alternatives.

Travelex A range of policies with comprehensive cover.


Arriving the day before your trip commences doesn’t get you off to the best start, so we would recommend arriving in resort at least 2 days before your trip starts, to catch up with some sleep and do some walking from the lifts.


We are often asked by our American guests if there is a protocol for tipping guides in Europe. There isn’t really – guides in Europe are properly paid and not dependant on tips to supplement their income. If you are happy with your trip then please tip if you like – any gesture will be appreciated by your guide, but it isn’t expected and your guide will not be offended if you don’t tip.