Climbing Accommodation

Accommodation info and links for our regular mountain hotels and chalets.

Alpine Huts

For those not familiar with the mountain hut network – most are owned by the national Alpine Club of the country concerned, but a few are also privately owned. A typical alpine hut has accommodation for 50-100 people and they are operated like hostels or basic hotels, serving breakfast and evening meals and offering dormitory accommodation. More hut info and links can be found on our Conditions pages, and in our Using Alpine Huts article.


We work with a regular hotel in each resort base. All of our partner hotels are 2-3*, offering comfortable accommodation on either BnB or half board basis.

Bad Weather Arrangements

Occasionally during very bad weather we may need to amend our plans and relocate/climb from a valley base until things settle down, and this may require extra nights in a hotel rather than huts. We will make all the arrangements for your team. On courses taking place outside the Chamonix valley (e.g. Saas/Zermatt) extra valley nights beyond the scheduled itinerary will be on a BnB basis rather than half board.

Single Rooms

If you prefer a single room just add the supplement to your online booking and we will confirm availability asap. This covers the valley nights scheduled on your trip – single rooms are not available in huts.

Other Recommendations

If you are planning your own trip with a private guide and need more ideas, here are some suggestions.