Alpine North Faces Week

Latest report from Neil, who  has just nailed a great weeks technical mixed climbing on alpine north faces to kick off our summer alpine season.  A quick rundown of what they got up to:

“Finished the week. Roger happy, me relieved – it was quite intimidating to begin with as the guy is a legend!

Mon- couple of routes at Machaby (weather poor in the hills)
Tues – Temps Assassin on the Triangle
Wed – Babylon circus on the Triangle
Thu – Perroux route on the N Face Tour Ronde
Fri – Dent du Giant (weather iffy and warm)
Sat – Auto route Blanche and cragging at the Zone.  Went to do Vogler
off the Midi but Very windy and stormy looking & i also thought it
might not have had an overnight freeze.

So a good week and Roger’s keen to come back for more…”