Alpine Essentials Courses

Another good week of climbing and instructing: this week completing 2 Alpine Essentials Climbing Skills Courses – the aim of these short but intense 3 day courses is to enable Uk trad climbers to ‘skill up’ for climbing in the Alps.

There’s a lot to get through and it’s hard work, but these courses are immensely rewarding to work on – this week we covered the full range of moving together, crevasse rescue and glacier travel skills with ascents of the Flambeau N Ridge, Aiguille D’Entreves south ridge and the traverse of the Marbrees, plus prussiking sessions and lots of advice and planning in the huts.

Dent du Geant from the Torino Hut
Practicing moving together
Traversing the Marbrees
Moving together
View down into Italy
Glacier crossing…
Team exploring the Vallee Blanche