2 Weeks Backcountry Skiing in Svaneti, 2019

Just back from an amazing 2 week trip, Backcountry Skiing and Ski Touring in Svaneti, Georgia.

Skiing here is always an adventure, involving a long 4WD journey up to Mestia into the High Caucasus. Because of this, the trip has 5 days skiing rather than the usual 6 (we get a few folk asking about this!) – but don’t worry: by the end of each week, everyone was totally made up – having skied more fresh tracks and great powder than on any other ski trip they’d been on…

On week one we had a prolonged snowfall, with amazing deep powder days at mid altitude, before hitting the high mountains when the weather cleared. Week 2 saw another top up of powder, before the good weather returned – allowing us to explore some new routes and terrain, both off the lifts and with skins. Here’s a few pics, which say it better than words ever can: